Rep. Paul Broun Wants to Cut Out Government's Pork-Barrel Spending

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NEIL CAVUTO, HOST: Well, it might surprise you that the top three pork spenders on this list were Republicans. That is probably what has got my next guest mad, because he's a Republican trying top cut pork out of government, Congressman Paul Broun. Congressman, what do you make of this?

REP. PAUL BROUN (R), GEORGIA: Neil, we just have to cut the spending. That is the only way we can look at it.

CAVUTO: But you never do. You never do, ever, ever, ever.


BROUN: Well, I know. Well, that is the reason we're pushing real hard to try to get some responsible earmark reform.

That is just the tip of the iceberg, though. We just have to cut the spending across the board. And, actually, if we do not do so, our grandchildren are going to live at less of an economic level than we live today. And it is just absolutely critical that we — that we stop the pork-barrel spending.

CAVUTO: But, congressman, you know how this works. I know you have done your best to stop how this works. But, normally, this kind of stuff is thrown on or piled on or added on to crucial legislation in order to get people's votes or a key congressman's vote who might be waffling. Why do we even do that?

BROUN: Well, you just said it. It's about buying votes from a lot of members of Congress.

Now, don't get me wrong. There are some good earmarks that have national implications. But...


CAVUTO: Well, that olive thing seems like it could be very productive.

BROUN: Well...


CAVUTO: Go ahead.

BROUN: Well, we have a lot of things that seem to be very productive.

But the thing is, I have pledged not to request earmarks this year. I was just elected last summer in a special election. I have not requested earmarks since I have been here, and I will not this year. We have got to have reform of the earmarking process. But...


CAVUTO: But, Congressman, here is what is going to happen. And I admire your stick-to-itiveness on this. You're a new guy coming in. You want to bust the system and be different, break the system of this habit. But, invariably, your constituents want their pork. They want their bacon. They want their hospital, their bridges, their roads. And if you come back to them and say, I do not have your bridge, I do not have your road, and I'm not — I don't have any bacon for you, they're going to heave you out on your tail.

BROUN: Well, I do not believe that is so, Neil. In fact, our leader, John Boehner, has not requested earmarks since he's been up there. There are a number of members who have done so, who have not had earmarks. Jeff Flake has been fighting for years to reform the earmarking process.


BROUN: And it is just starting to get traction. We just absolutely have to stop the spending. And that's...

CAVUTO: All right.

BROUN: ... why I pledged not to do it. And we have got to turn the country back to being a country of very limited government, low spending. And I am trying to be a leader in that cause.

CAVUTO: Well, from your mouth. Congressman, thank you very much — Congressman Paul Broun.

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