Talking Points

Hillary Clinton and Illegal Immigration

As you know if you watch us on a regular basis, we are fair to Senator Clinton. We treat her the same way we treat all the other candidates, with a healthy dose of skepticism but an open mind. Looking back on my campaign analysis so far, I've been much tougher on John Edwards than Mrs. Clinton because I believe Mr. Edwards is a charlatan and his campaign of class warfare is foolish.

Hillary Clinton is waging a conventional campaign. She has a strong machine, unlimited money, and the heavy odds are she will win the Democratic nomination. But her performance on illegal aliens getting driving credentials has been abysmal.

After two weeks, two weeks she now says she would not give driver's licenses to people in the U.S. illegally. But why? Why would Hillary Clinton deny driver's licenses to illegal aliens? The senator will not say.

"Talking Points" went to a website. No mention of why no licenses. We contacted her press secretary Felipe Reines. He couldn't tell us why. We called Senator Clinton's main man Howard Wolfson. He would not take the call.

The truth is nobody knows why Hillary Clinton doesn't want to give illegals driving privileges because she simply doesn't want to tell us. Doesn't want to define the issue.

That's what bothers me about Senator Clinton. I can't figure out what she believes. Most politicians are shifty. Most change positions to get votes, but there comes a time when specific questions have to be answered.

Millions of Americans will vote for Hillary Clinton no matter what she says. And millions will vote against her no matter what she says. But for those of us who take an independent view, and we will decide the presidential election, the failure to address important issues in a clear way is a huge deficit.

I strongly believe Senator Clinton believes she can become president without ever having to reveal who she really is or what she really thinks. This illegal license deal reinforces my belief.

Pinheads and Patriots

As you may know, the entertainment writers are on strike, and that means no money for them. But our pal David Letterman says he will pay his writers and his entire staff out of his own pocket for the next few weeks. That is very generous. And tonight, David Letterman is a patriot.

On the pinhead front, in Sydney, Australia, Sari Haggerty, the national Santa coordinator for a company which supplies Santas to department stores and such, has ordered St. Nick not to say, "Ho, ho, ho" this season. Apparently, Ms. Haggerty believes some Australian women may be offended by "ho, ho, ho," so Santa must now say, "Ha, ha, ha."

This is not a joke. This is stupid. So Sari Haggerty is a pinhead. Leave Santa alone, mate.