Common Sense

Did Alan Greenspan Just Wake Up?

Remember years ago this story about a guy who came out of some coma he had been in for something like 12 years.

Twelve years.

And he just wakes up and starts talking and talking. What was weird at the time is that he had pretty much picked up right where he had left off when he first entered that coma — nothing about the 12 years that followed.

Scientists and doctors were fascinated. So was his family, several whom had passed away during his stay in the hospital.

I didn't mean to digress, but the same thing has kind of happened to Alan Greenspan.

For years, no decades, this guy said nothing and the rare times he did say something, he meant to state nothing. He was deliberately vague, deliberately obtuse — quite literally, the quiet man.


Now you can't shut him up.

His book is out and he's yapping everywhere. He's been on my show, every major network show, on radio, on TV… even pod casts.

Next, I hear he's making a cameo on the Cartoon Channel.

Well, I'm joking — kind of. But man, it's incredible — he's spouting off on everything.

From how this president doesn't get it, to how much his predecessor did. On mortgages — "now" they're a problem. To the economy — and "now" it could be an even bigger problem.

He never said this stuff when it mattered, but his words carry weigh now because many think they do matter.

I'm not here to say I don't mind his musings. I find him fascinating. I know this sounds odd, but for years — years — I begged for some clarity and Al to speak his mind.

Now he is and all I want is for him to just shut up.

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