Common Sense

What Kind of Defense Is At Least You’re Not Dead?

I don't want you to get the idea that I'm anti-airline, or anti-airport, or anti-anything having to do with flying. But only an industry dealing with all these problems can come up with this defense: At least you're not dead.

Think about that.

Security lines are long, planes are late, terminals are beyond busy, and ticket agents beyond exasperated, but look at the bright side, you're still breathing.

I know what they mean, that in these dangerous times, they're being extra cautious, which has kept us all extra safe.

But that's a hell of a defense. Be grateful, you soiled masses. You could be lifeless ashes.

Could you imagine any other industry pulling something like that?

What if the car dealer you bought a lemon from tells you, "Look at the bright side, at least the car didn't blow up!"

Or you have a bad experience in Macy's, and the snooty sales clerk tells you, "Count your lucky stars the escalator that brought you here didn't chop your feet off."

Look, if the barometer for service has become, we'll keep you alive, who is keeping them accountable when we are? For insufferable lines? And planes that just sit on runways?

Someone call marketing.

Wal-Mart could wipe its problems away now. Could you imagine: "Sure some folks say we have labor issues, but we haven't killed a one of them."

Only in America can we accept being treated like cattle. Heck, we'll even gladly pay for the privilege.

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