Common Sense

The Game Congress Resorts to Now and Then

And I thought games were just for kids. I was wrong.

There's Congress.

And there's a game they resort to now and then. It's called puff me up.

What they do is this: Try to exaggerate their own sense of self importance by dragging before them some beleaguered CEOs on the crisis of the moment.

Yesterday it was the heads of Toys 'R' Us and Mattel on tainted toys.

Before that, the heads of all the oil companies to complain about high gas prices.

They do it with baseball players too…line 'em up like cardboard cutouts to yammer on about steroids, but do nothing about steroids.

That's the whole game. That's the whole charade.

But you know what's missing from this game? All the cards.

Call me crazy, but if you're talking about tainted toys, wouldn't it have been a good idea to talk to someone who actually tainted them? I don't know, someone from China?

And on that greedy, oil, mogul panel, would it have killed Congress to include someone from Congress? After all, isn't Congress to blame for making it all but impossible for oil guys to build refineries?

Look, I'm not here to say give CEOs a pass on boardwalk, I'm just bored at Congress giving a pass on fairness.

That's the charade. That's the mockery. That's the travesty.

And that's the game we all end up losing.

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