Common Sense

Throwing Good Money After Bad?

Let me ask you something: If you had a contractor at your house and he was always running late, screwing up and generally being a pain, then had the nerve to hit you up for more money, what would you do?

I think, at a minimum, most folks would say, "Are you kidding me?!"

Yet not when it comes to the government.

Never mind the fact most Americans have little faith in how it handles money, a lot of politicians have no problem giving it money. And now more money.

Virtually every major Democratic presidential candidate wants to raise taxes — they say on the rich, although that appears to be a moving target, since last year at this time, a million bucks was considered rich, these days, it's down to 150-grand.

But I digress.

My point is not to pit classes against each other, but us against the politicians doing the pitting. Because this isn't an issue about who pays what, but the fact some want to pay more, period, to the government.

A government loaded with very good intentions, but not so good results.

Billions spent on Katrina. For what?

Trillions spent on the war on poverty. And still, a lot of poverty.

It would be like calling back the same contractor who screwed up your wiring or left your roof leaking and saying, "Come on back. I have more work for you…and here's a raise!"

You wouldn't do it. Don't let politicians under the guise of class warfare try it.

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