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The Truth About Iraq

FOX News has obtained this memo by General Barry McCaffrey, an adjunct professor of International Affairs at West Point and former drug czar under President Clinton. The general also does some TV commentary and has been very critical of the Iraq War. So his thoughts on where we are right now are interesting.

Summing up his eight page analysis, Gen. McCaffrey says this: "We have brilliant military and civilian leadership on the ground in Iraq.—Our cause is just. The consequence of failure will be severe. The American people hold that the U.S. Armed Forces are the most trusted institution in our society. The polls also show that domestic opinion is not calling for precipitous withdrawal.

"However, this whole Iraq operation is on the edge of prevailing as the poor Iraqis batter each other to death with our forces caught in the middle.

"We now need a last powerful effort to provide to U.S. leaders on the ground — the political support, economic reconstruction resources, and military strength it takes to succeed."

Now, I doubt you'll see the general's memo in The New York Times or any other left wing media. For them, the Iraq War is over. And the Republicans lost it, so let's all vote for the Democrats in 2008.

"Talking Points" does not know the truth about the situation in Iraq. FOX News correspondents have limited access, danger is everywhere and whether things are getting better is only a guess for us.

General McCaffrey says strong progress is being made. He believes the Sunnis have turned against Al Qaeda and that the Maliki government is neutralizing the Shi'ia death squads.

Again, I don't know. With all America has sacrificed in Iraq, though, it seems reasonable to let the end game play out. If things are getting better, don't derail the train.

But the anti-war crew is now fully invested in defeat. So the struggle at home is becoming even more vicious. Iraq is a shooting war. America's a political war. Both are driven by hatred.

And that's "The Memo."

Most Ridiculous Item

Some business to tidy up, our poll question asks you "After watching the George Tenet interview, are you confident the American government can protect you against terrorists?" About 20,000 voted. Seventy five percent say they are not confident of being protected. Twenty five percent feel secure.

Also on factor producer Ron Mitchell's analysis of bogus Indiana study that says I call people names every 6.8 seconds in my "Talking Points" memos. I think you will find it funny and illuminating. And just remember all the dishonest media who are peddling that study. That's on

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