Common Sense

Back to the Future

After 20 years, the images have grown fuzzy, the video quality poor.

A VHS tape transferred to DVD and apparently not a moment too soon.

Still, you could make out the moment. A moment that seemed like yesterday — when my wife's brother got married and everyone was there.

A lot of them gone now — some for many years now — but there, alive and well on the screen. As if we could touch them.

We saw their smiles, took in their tears and remembered when they were with us… then they were not.

I don't know how often you folks look back at family slides or movies or special events of any sort, but I heartily recommend it. If for no other reason than to appreciate time and what we had one moment, then didn't the next.

Our generation is luckier than others that didn't have the benefit of video images. Sometimes just old photos thrown in a box.

We can hear. We can see. We can laugh. And, we can cry.

Remembering what was: a president named Ronald Reagan then, a festering scandal called Iran Contra then, a stock market crash the likes of which no one could fathom then.

They were all people talked about then… until they moved on.

And I wondered as I watched this tape of life then, about life now, and all the fuss over a radio personality and what he said and a beleaguered president and what he did.

I guess these images too shall fade — such is life, such is time.

Here for now… until we're not here at all.

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