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Illegal Immigration Reaches Critical Mass

"The Factor" has obtained the floor plan of that Bronx house where nine children and one adult were killed by fire. We'll have a full report coming up. It is very disturbing.

The deaths of those children and the 453 people who died trying to cross into the USA last year from Mexico didn't have to happen. The reason it did happen is because the federal government has failed to control immigration. That was the main topic of conversation between Mexican President Calderon and President Bush in the Yucatan on Tuesday.

Calderon doesn't like the barriers the USA is putting up on the border, even though he says he wants to stop the rampant illegal immigration from his country. The president believes defense and increased security will not stop illegals from crossing.

Of course, that's not true. Increased border security has led to a 66 percent drop in alien detentions in the Yuma, Arizona sector, for example.

Everybody knows the more security you have on the border, the fewer illegals and narcotics will come in.

What President Calderon can't say, but what he certainly knows, is that Mexico needs the money illegals send back there. President Bush is correct when he says that Congress must pass a disciplined guest-worker program. And the feds are also correct in punishing businesses that continue to hire illegals.

But the open border, blanket amnesty crowd — led by newspapers like The Houston Chronicle, The Boston Globe and Newsday — among others, oppose just about all punitive measures and tougher border security.

Now the only reason anyone would oppose those things is to achieve a radical realignment of American society. And we have seen that in cities like Los Angeles and New York, where more than one million people in this city are first generation immigrants.

The No Spin truth is that the "compassion crowd" is really the "chaos crowd," the "new America" crowd.

Let me ask you a direct question. Is it compassionate for New York, a sanctuary city, to allow 17 children to live in a dumpy tenement with five adults? Twenty-two people sharing three small bathrooms and six tiny bedrooms? Is that compassionate?

The building had poor heat, no fire escapes, no sprinklers. Yet social services didn't visit the dwelling, because the city of New York has a don't ask policy toward all foreign born residents.

So the next time you hear the compassion crowd bloviate, show them pictures of people dying in the Arizona desert and being buried here in New York City.

America needs strict border controls, a disciplined guest-worker program and fewer dishonest demagogues trying to reshape this country illegally.

And that's The Memo — no spin.

Most Ridiculous Item

Paging Captain Ahab: In Japan, an angry whale attacked a fishing boat, knocking one of the men in the water. You see him go down.

Ironically, the men there in the boat were trying to get this whale out of the harbor and out into the sea, because the whale was heading for very shallow water.

Unfortunately, the man who got knocked in — you see him there in the white — he drowned. The whale wasn't hurt. Look at that, wham. And returned to the sea.

The end game here, it is ridiculous to mess with whales. Yes, indeed.