Common Sense

Democrats' Tax Plan Is Rich

What do you consider rich?

When I had Charlie Rangel on this show a few months back, just after democrats seized control of the House and Senate... he said someone making a million bucks is pretty rich.

Nancy Pelosi says if you make over $500,000 a year, you're a target.

Dennis Kucinich says anyone making a "few" hundred thousand is doing OK.

And now John Edwards says that to pay for covering health insurance for all, those making $200,000 and up should fork over more.

Do you see a pattern here?

The definition of rich keeps looking less rich, and a lot more mainstream.

That's the danger of hiking taxes on the so called well-to-do.

Sooner or later just rich folks won't do.

You have to dig down to get more.

What's sweeping and amazing to me is how, in little more than a few months, we've re-defined rich from a guy making a more than a million smackers to someone making 200,000 smackers.

What'll it be tomorrow? $100,000? $80,000? $50,000?

Be very careful, my friends, when those who say they have your interests at heart, also have your wallet in sight. Because their appetite to spend is as big as their lies to tax.

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