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Albert Einstein: Genius, Stud Muffin

Albert Einstein: genius, Nobel-winning physicist, stud muffin.

I kid you not: Al was a lady's man. "Relativity" speaking, he was practically a gigolo.

Don't believe me. Believe him. Einstein's letters — nearly 1,400 of them — were released this week from Hebrew University in Jerusalem on this 20th anniversary of the death of his stepdaughter Margot.

She planned it that way — to give these letters time.

But man, what a good time it shows Pop was having, apparently pretty much all the time. In his own words, Einstein claims he had at least a half-dozen girlfriends — while still married. There's Estella and Ethel, some Russian spy-lover named Margarita. Still others known only by their initials, "M" and "L."

Forget about physics, old Al seemed more interested in physiques: female ones and lots of them. Usually from Europe, but told in startling detail to family members, even his wife, back in the U.S., who he cheated on with his secretary, Betty, but that's another story.

Talks a lot about that "M" woman, "her chasing after me," as he put it. "It's getting out of control," he says.

"Out of all the dames," he writes to Margot, "I am in fact attached only to Mrs. L, who is absolutely harmless and decent."

He writes of Nazis that scare him and global unrest that scares him more. But mostly he writes of women, and affairs, and crazy encounters.

He is human and funny and, apparently, he is horny. A genius with a couple of loose genes: picture Bill Clinton with wild hair. I'm kidding!

But I'm also in shock. Little did I know this man who was way ahead of his time, was way ahead of "Saturday Night Live" as well.

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