Common Sense

Take a Guilt Trip on Your Own Money

You know, I still get a lot of e-mail on my friend Ben Stein's suggestion that the rich should pay more taxes, that they have an obligation to.

Leaving aside the fact that the rich already do pay more in taxes and that even after several rounds of tax cuts their take of the total tax load is actually heavier than before, this whole thing got me thinking.

There has to be a way for well-intentioned folks like Ben to pay more in taxes. Here's what I suggest: A line on a 1040 tax form, where you can write in the extra amount you want to pay Uncle Sam — sweet and simple. So to those who want to give more, write in more.

You trust the government with your money — give 'em more of your money. Don't think you're paying enough for those programs — pay for still more programs. Feel giving up to half of what you earn to your federal government, your state government, your local government ain't enough of a hit — take a bigger hit.

The rich are truly blessed in this country, and they give a great deal back to this country. They make more money, and they pay more money. It's why we have a progressive tax code.

Now, if you want to progress it some more, so that you pay more, I say give more. After all, it's your guilt trip. I say, just work it out with your money.

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