Forget LA. How about demonstrating in Mexico City? That's the subject of this evening's Talking Points memo.

Millions of Canadians are not invading the USA. That's because Canada has a reasonable standard of living and a workable social fabric. So there is no need for most Canadians to illegally enter America.

But right now, there is an estimated 11.6 million Mexicans living in the USA — both legally and illegally — because the Mexican government cannot provide opportunities for its population, despite massive oil reserves, raw materials and two gorgeous coastlines.

Forty percent of Mexicans live below the poverty line. The hourly median wage is under $2 an hour. In America, it's $14 an hour. In addition, corruption in Mexico is so pervasive. Drug gangs run entire cities like Nuevo Laredo. The homicide rate in Mexico is twice that of the USA.

So, why aren't millions of Mexicans demonstrating in Mexico City, forcing their government to clean things up? President Fox has been a disaster. And now the former mayor of Mexico City, a socialist, may replace Fox. If that happens, you'll see a flood of people into the USA, that makes today's problem look like a line at Disneyland.

Now I believe most Mexicans are proud of their heritage and would like to stay in their own country, but they can't earn a living there thanks to the terrible government they have. So they come here with the blessing of the Mexican government which wants to export the poverty problem el Norte. The Bush administration, like the Clinton administration before it, knows what is going on in Mexico. It is no secret. But we buy oil from them. And that's why there's been no border crackdown. Also American business like the cheap labor.

If Mexicans can demonstrate in Los Angeles and other American cities, why can't they demand action in their own country? Surely that's the long-term solution to illegal immigration. Have Mexico become as prosperous as Canada. There is no reason that should not happen. The good people of Mexico ought to take a hard look at their own government. The USA isn't the problem. Mexico City is. What should happen is that Americans should demand our Congress protect us and Mexicans should demand their government do right by them. Comprende?

That's "The Memo."

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