Common Sense

Illegal Immigration Debate: Only in America

Only in America can thousands of illegal immigrants protest quite legally.

Only in America can they demand things of a system that really doesn't owe them anything.

Only in America can the media go along with their pleas and say nothing of their demands.

Only in America can those who snuck into this country try to threaten this country.

Only in America can they try to stop commerce to force their way into our commerce.

Only in America can the kindness of our hearts blind us to the stupidity of our policies — policies that support those who break the law and make a mockery of those who try to follow the law.

Only in America can we tell those who entered here by the books that there are special allowances made for those who do everything off the books. That it's OK to threaten and coerce, strike and shout, wave flags that aren't this country's and remind us of the great pride they have in other countries.

Some in the media say it's simplistic to say if you don't like it here, get out of here. Let me just say it's insulting that those who enjoy bounty here have the nerve to say they're offended here.

I feel for their ego. I feel more for us.

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