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Birds of a Feather

Think fast: What do Congress and diet pill pushers have in common?

They both promise quick fixes and neither delivers.

The real skinny on getting skinny is eating less and exercising more. The real skinny on curing our energy gluttony is using less and exploring more.

But fat folks still search for that magic bullet and hawkers know it. And gas-fuming Americans still search for lower prices and politicians cater to it.

We — as consumers — should be saying, enough of it.

Enough of $100 rebates for gas — that's two tanks, then we're still in the tank.

Enough of price gouging investigations — we've done dozens over the years with not a whiff of collusion in all these years.

And enough of press conferences that only happen when politicians want to look like they're doing something, then nothing when gas prices aren't doing anything.

Telling people to conserve gas is tough.

Demanding automakers to make more fuel-efficient vehicles is tough.

Forcing exploration for more oil here so we're less dependent on it from over there is tough.

And seeking out energy alternatives in an oil-dependent nation is really tough.

They all take time. Because the best long-term solutions don't involve quick fixes, nor press conferences, nor patronizing speeches.

The only difference between politicians pandering and diet-hawkers hawking is that the diet-hawkers know you're sick of being fat. The politicians should know — loud and clear — that you're sick of them.

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