Common Sense

Crazy Like a FOX?

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is a madman.

That's what everyone says of the Iranian leader — which is why most rational folks dismiss him.

He's nuts, he's crazy and normal, rational people don't know much about how to handle crazy people.

They'd prefer to ignore them.

But crazy people, of course, don't care. Ignoring them doesn't make them any less crazy or their antics any less nuts.

They said Adolf Hitler was nuts too.

Most rational folks at the time ignored his "nuttery." Some even tried to deal with him in a rational way. A very amiable and normal guy named Neville Chamberlain even struck a deal with him.

But nuts don't honor deals or their word. I think because crazy people know non-crazy people don't like much dealing with crazy people — which is why crazy people do crazy things.

They never suspect for a moment non-crazy people will suddenly become crazy and want to do something crazy to them.

History proves normal people don't act that way, until the day comes when they realize they should have... but didn't.

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