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NEIL CAVUTO, HOST: My next guest made a bundle on the baseball diamond, but he also lost a lot of it letting others manage his money. Today, Lenny Dykstra, the former three time All-Star, known to fans and enemies alike as "Nails," owns or heads up a variety of companies, is managing his own stock portfolio, with the help of that other guy, Richard Suttmeier, the chief market strategist for Joseph Stevens & Company.

Guys, good to have you.



CAVUTO: Lenny, I didn't realize it, you're a darn good investor. But you practice a lot of Richard's strategies. What do you look for, bottom line, when you invest?

DYKSTRA: Yes. I am a good investor. And I'm not afraid to say that. I'm a winning investor. And I have a strategy that, unlike any of the people I know that invest, I buy deep-in-the-money calls, and I buy I buy deep-in-the-money calls to eliminate using margin.

See, to control stock, OK, meaning, like, for instance, Intel (Enron.

CAVUTO: Right. You can lose a whole investment.

DYKSTRA: You know, a good friend of mine is over there, kind of doing some work there.


Richard, I have had you as a guest many times. And this is part of a pretty grand strategy of yours. You have had a great track record over the many years I have known you.

But this isn't for amateurs, right? I mean, you have taught Lenny a lot. A lot of people are going to watching this, Richard, and thinking, gee, I can do the option thing, too. What do you tell them?

SUTTMEIER: The thing about this market and this strategy is, you want to be able to buy on weakness great companies that are out of favor in the market. Like, Intel right now, since it had a brokerage downgrade a few weeks ago, the stock went down to 20.

Lenny comes to me and he says, Rich, how low can this go? Where is your key support? And I tell him, I got a 1966 semi-annual support from my model. So, then, he goes back and uses that in his strategy to determine that he wants to use a 17-and-a-half deep-in-the-money call.

CAVUTO: All right. For God's sakes, Richard...

SUTTMEIER: Now, this strategy is not...

CAVUTO: I beg you to stop, because you're sounding like CNBC here. But, obviously...


CAVUTO: It's a brilliant strategy. You both are making money at it.

But, is there a theme, Lenny?


CAVUTO: Is there a general theme that you like, sectors that look good to you right now?

DYKSTRA: Well, I like the chemical sector — Dow Chemical (DOW), Lyondell Chemical (LYO), way undervalued.

Intel — I mean, right now, I'm buying as much Intel as I possibly can.

CAVUTO: What about other technology names, Lenny? Any others in that field?

DYKSTRA: Well, there's other names.

CAVUTO: Give me some.

DYKSTRA: But, see, that is why I'm a winning investor.

CAVUTO: Give me some. Lenny, people want to hear more.

DYKSTRA: Well, I don't — here's the thing about me.

I don't like to get involved in too many things. I like to stick with what I know.

Right now, I am dialed in on Intel. I know everything about them. I mean, we're talking about AMD (AMD) — it's like a September call-up, OK? They're getting called up. They're a flash in the pan. Yes, maybe they will stick in the big leagues. Maybe they won't.

Intel is a proven veteran player. They're going to be there no matter what. What do they spend on research?

CAVUTO: All right. All right, Lenny.

DYKSTRA: Five billion as opposed to $1 billion?

CAVUTO: You like Intel. I got you.

But, Lenny, you know, when you first got out of the majors, I know a lot of your reason for hooking up with Richard, you wanted to learn about investing, because you lost about half-a-million dollars in technology, right?

DYKSTRA: Well, here's the deal, Neil.

CAVUTO: Who is to say it can't happen again, Lenny?

DYKSTRA: No. You make a great point.

And, in fact, I have been in spring training, speaking to the players. And I'm working on right now something that the players desperately need, and that is a players-only educational financial newsletter...


DYKSTRA: You've got to remember, these kids, you go from being a kid to being a multimillionaire overnight.

CAVUTO: Right. So, you have got to watch it.

DYKSTRA: And your so-called financial guy that tells you, just sign here, well, you're just signing there, because you don't want to act like you're stupid.


DYKSTRA: Well, you're signing your life away.

CAVUTO: All right, guys, I want to thank you.

Lenny, thank you. I wish we had more time.

But, Richard, thank you as well.

SUTTMEIER: Thank you.

CAVUTO: All right. When we come back...

DYKSTRA: Yes. Give me more time.


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