Common Sense

Revenge of the Fall Guys

They say hell hath no fury like a scorned woman. I disagree. I say a scorned woman isn't anything compared to the scorned employee — man or woman.

Michael Brown proves my point.

He was unceremoniously dumped as FEMA head and, ever since, has been unceremoniously dumping on the folks who served up his head.

I wonder if the administration had simply reassigned him or said some good words about him on the way out, whether any of this nastiness would have come to pass.

Who knows?

This much I do know: How you fire someone can be as important as the firing itself.

Brown was set up as the Hurricane Katrina fall guy. And let me tell you something, fall guys don't like being fall guys.

In fact, they'll trip and fall over themselves in the media to make sure they're not the only fall guys.

Just ask Paul O'Neill, the former Bush treasury secretary, who was unceremoniously dumped by Dick Cheney, without even a phone call from the big guy.

All these guys know they serve at the pleasure of the president. They just don't find it at all pleasurable when the president doesn't want the pleasure of their company. So they rant and rave and they stomp their feet. And prove, at least to me, that maybe it was a good thing they were fired.

Certainly the media loves it. After all, conflict is good TV, simple decency is not — not for the guy who was dumped, expected to go quietly, or the ones who dumped him, foolishly expecting he would.

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