Common Sense

A Friend in Need

What if this whole Dick Cheney saga isn't about Dick Cheney? What if it's about his friend?

And what if Dick Cheney wasn't worried about Dick Cheney? But he was worried about his friend?

A friend wouldn't bother giving press conferences to make himself look good. He would check in on his pal to see if he was good.

A friend wouldn't care about image. He'd care about his friend. He'd call and offer to do anything he could. And Dick Cheney did.

He'd be aware of the D.C. mentality to make this about himself. And take on a gaggle of reporters.

But Dick Cheney did not. And decided to talk to only one reporter.

He'd know days of not talking about it and caring behind the scenes would do a lot of damage on the D.C. scene. But Dick Cheney didn't and doesn't care.

Some say that shows he has a tin ear. I say it shows he has something else: a heart.

A heart more for a friend he cares for, than a Washington press corps he clearly does not.

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