Common Sense

The Network Terrorists Trust?

I know people are still parsing every word, nuance and phrase from this alleged Usama bin Laden tape.

What did he mean? Is he in trouble? Why is it an audiotape?

Me? I'm just wondering how Al-Jazeera keeps getting these tapes.

I mean, someone is dropping them off. And every time, all the time, the drop-off is Al-Jazeera.

It's not FOX. It's not CNN. It's not MSNBC.

I don't know, maybe it's the network terrorists trust.

All I do know is Al-Jazeera gets them, airs them and swears by them. So who am I to second guess them? I'll leave the real experts to that.

I just want to make sense of this: How do these tapes just pop up in somebody's inbox? Since this was an audiotape, in this case, it could have been phoned in. But we're told it was delivered. So, who's putting them there? I say, follow that dude.

Someone on our air said this morning that often these tapes are transported by mule to a secure point. I say, follow the guy with the mule. Better yet, examine the mule.

I'm serious.

Whoever is getting through our vast security net, has no problem getting through to Al-Jazeera. I say keep a camera on Al-Jazeera offices, in their offices and on all their desks. Someone, somewhere, somehow, will slip up.

I'm sure Al-Jazeera's up for that, right?


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