Common Sense

Double Standard?

I don't know if any of you have seen this ABC show that features a woman president, played by Geena Davis.

The premise is that she accidentally steps into the job after the death of the president, and "as" president, she apparently kicks butt.

She's decisive. She's smart. And one other thing... she's hot. It's the hot thing that stands out. I mean, have you seen those lips? But I digress.

My question, why do we make her hot?

E.G. Marshall played the president and he wasn't hot.

So too was Martin Sheen — intense, but not hot.

So why does Hollywood see it necessary to fathom a female in the Oval Office who just so happens to be a hottie in the Oval Office?

I think they do a huge disservice to their cause, if their cause is promoting the idea of a female powerbroker.

After all, haven't we done this?

Golda Meir certainly wasn't hot, but she was one heck of an Israeli leader.

And I don't think Margaret Thatcher would raise the curtain on any Victoria Secret fashion show, but she did a pretty good job bringing down the iron curtain on that communism show.

And the new woman taking charge in Germany, Andrea Merkel, well, she ain't exactly Gwyneth Paltrow, but she apparently had enough moxie to form a conservative coalition government against an entrenched, and I might point out, male-led bureaucracy.

Leaders all and not a Playboy model among them.

I'm not here to dismiss beautiful women. It's just the hottest ones we've ever known in politics haven't gotten there because of their good looks or nice lips, but their political skills.

Just like a lot of men I know.

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