Common Sense

Food for Thought

I guess being a tad overweight myself, something caught my attention leaving Washington this morning.

I was coming back from my big interview with President Bush — did I mention that I interviewed the president? Anyway, I was on line to get a cup of tea at one of those airport stands and a few people ahead of me was a woman trying to decide what to order.

She was fairly heavy herself. OK, maybe I'm being kind — she was quite heavy. And don't a couple of guys in back of me knew it.

They started grumbling about how she's holding up the line — which she really wasn't.

As she tried to decide what to order, one of them snapped, clearly within earshot, "Put down the donut, fatso."

The other guy piped up, something like, "Hey toots, think coffee... black... no cream… no sugar."

They laughed. She clearly heard them and she got flustered.

I swear, her eyes filled up. She left the line without getting anything.

I turned around and looked at these imbeciles, just shaking my head.

They gave me a look as if to say, "What the hell are you looking at?"

But I couldn't keep my gaze off that woman. Just trying to make a flight. Just trying to get a fast breakfast.

And instead getting some fast lip from two Neanderthals — who, I might add, were not exactly Adonises themselves.

It got me thinking about being mean and about picking on someone based on their looks or their weight.

I guess picking on fat people is the last condoned prejudice in our society today. But think about it. If we were to make such snap comments about blacks, or Hispanics, or Italians, we'd rightly be called on the carpet. But with fat people, it's OK?

Well, it's not OK. This woman deserved more and not just because she weighed more.

No one is fit to treat someone else like an ass. Unless you're trying to prove to the world, you're the one who's the ass.

You know, that woman, I guess much like me, can always lose weight. Sadly the two not fit to judge her, will always be jerks.

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