Common Sense

Eat the Rich?

Since it's fashionable to dump on the rich, perhaps it's time we consider what would happen if we didn't have the rich. And what politicians would do if they couldn't find a scapegoat in the rich.

Whose taxes would you hike if your government program is failing?

Whose benefits would you cut?

Whose program would you means test?

Who would you be mean to?

Who would you disparage?

Who would you dump on?

Whose largesse would you vilify?

Whose success would you rip?

Whose ingenuity would you blast?

Whose private sector smarts would you replace?

If you didn't have the rich to pay for your boondoggles, how would you continue to boondoggle?

How would you survive?

Without the rich, there'd be no one about whom you could bitch. Which makes me suspect, you don't want the rich to go anywhere. Not because you love the rich, but because you love their wallets more.

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