Common Sense

Saluting the Unknown Soldier

The money's bad. The working conditions are even worse.

The insurance stinks and the pension ain't much better.

The people you try to help often protest you. Others spit on you. Still others would love to kill you.

Even your friends turn on you, second-guess you and make generalizations about you.

There's not much of an office and sometimes there's faulty equipment when you're away from that office. Stuff doesn't work and sometimes you don't even want to work. But you do — all hours, all nights and all the time.

You think about the big weekend barbecue you'll never see. The holiday sales you'll never frequent. The gatherings with family you'll not catch this time — maybe for a long time.

You think of your family and they think of you.

You're hurting. They're hurting.

You're praying. They're praying.

It's a wonder how you have the courage you do: The courage to put up with all the crap, all the heat and all the confusion.

You might sometimes wonder if anyone cares at all.

Just know this: They do. We do. Because we know what you are and what you do.

We know that you are soldiers and we are grateful.

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