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This is a partial transcript from "Your World with Neil Cavuto," February 14, 2005, that was edited for clarity.

NEIL CAVUTO, HOST: If you want to find lasting love, then you want to talk to my next guest. His way might not be considered conventional, but it's proven very successful for thousands of singles who are single no more.

Joining me now is Dr. Neil Clark Warren. He is the founder of

Doctor, thank you very much for coming.

DR. NEIL CLARK WARREN, CHMN. AND CO-FOUNDER, EHARMONY.COM: Neil, I thank you for having me on today, and I have to tell you that I was 9 years old before I met anybody else with the first name Neil. So I'm just so delighted to be on with you.

CAVUTO: I'm delighted that you spell it correctly, too, Doctor, so thank you very much. That N-E-A-L crowd I've never trusted.

WARREN: No, me neither.

CAVUTO: Doctor, let me ask you. I remember when your site first went up, a lot of people said this won't work, you know. Finding a match for someone else the way he's doing over the Internet is just not going to take on. But it did. What was your secret of your success?

WARREN: I think the secret, Neil, was that I've been a psychologist for 38 years and I've seen 7,000 people in psychotherapy. And I knew pretty much what they wanted. They want something that would last. They didn't want a date for just tonight. They wanted something that would last.

And what I learned over the years was that that's really hard to come up with, a matching model that will really put two people together for the good times and the bad.

CAVUTO: All right. Now what you do is this model answer, they have to answer a long list of questions to sort of achieve the compatibility issue that a lot of people lack, right? So when they hook up with someone, presumably, they have a lot of common traits already, right?

WARREN: Yes, that's exactly right. What we found, Neil, was that we took 5,000 married people, and we sorted them into four groups of a very happily married group all the way down to a very disappointed group. We looked at what makes the difference. What makes one couple very happily married and another couple very disappointed? And we found that there were 29 discriminating dimensions.

So what we try to do with a single person who comes to us is get them matched with a group of people on the 29 dimensions, and then they can find the chemistry that's there for them, the one that has chemistry for them. And it will work out really well for them.

CAVUTO: Real quickly, Doctor, I know you've married a lot of people through this site. But how much does it cost to get your name and image and all that up there?

WARREN: You know, for the advertising that we do and so forth?


WARREN: We spent $50 million last year.

CAVUTO: So for me, if I want to get up there. I'm happily married, by the way. But I mean, for someone who wants to get up there, what happens? How much does it cost them?

WARREN: You mean if you want to get on our site and find a marriage partner?


WARREN: Yes. Well, it's $49.95 for one month.


WARREN: And it's $20 a month if you'll get on the way I like to see people to get on, and that's for one year. It's $20 a month.

CAVUTO: All right. Doctor, thank you very much. We appreciate it. Good seeing you again. Happy Valentine's Day.

WARREN: Thank you very much, Neil. Best to all your listeners out there, too.

CAVUTO: They're all running out to your site as we speak.

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