Common Sense

True Colors

So the United Nations is all hot and bothered over leaflets. That's right — leaflets. Not the insurgents' leaflets — the ones that talk of murdering anyone who dare goes out and votes. Not a word about them.

No, they are upset at "our" leaflets. The ones that simply remind Iraqis they have the chance to vote. They've plenty of words about them. The U.N. claims that we're taking sides.

So, let me get this straight: Celebrating democracy is bad. Promising to butcher those who practice it is good?

Only a body of soulless bodies like the U.N. could ignore the sacrifices for freedom and all but endorse those doing everything in their power to squash freedom.

Why doesn't the United Nations just put out a sign that says, "You go, butchers!" At least that'd be more honest than the sneaky, sniveling, backstabbing way these disingenuous bastards are acting now.

Never mind the fact that the U.N. stood by when another Iraqi butcher had his way with his people. They're just as happy to do the same as new butchers try to have their way with the same people.

All I ask of the U.N. is to show your true colors. Admit it's not the Iraqi people you care for at all. It's not their home you want to protect. It's your own sorry asses on the thoroughly wasted piece of Manhattan real estate that you call yours.

I know your greatest hurdle is securing dinner reservations at Lutece — figures, French.

Just understand that the people whose fates you blithely ignore, want to secure something a tad more meaningful.

So look in the mirror. Then get out of "their" face.

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