Common Sense

Quit Complaining

Since I got into trouble this week on my "victim" speech, I decided to add insult to injury.

I stand by every word I said. I'm not being heartless, I am being a realist.

For all of you who complain — quit complaining. I don't like complainers. And I know most people don't either. Here's why.

Complainers depress the hell out of people. I avoid them like the plague because they make me miserable. The longer I’m around them, the more I start acting like them. Why bother?

The way I figure it, everyone has something to complain about. Everyone! The people I admire are the ones who don't, who somehow carry on. Yes, I know, some people's loads are a little heavier, but I think it's a load of you-know-what to assume un-loading on others about it eases that load. It doesn't.

I think we have a choice in life — bitch about what's wrong or celebrate what's right.

Many of you e-mailed me to say it's easy for some high-priced anchor to lecture people about being happy.

But trust me, I’ve known rich jerks and I’ve known poor jerks — "jerkery" knows no pedigree. Nor do whiners. I've seen them in all shapes and sizes, conditions and salary-ranges.

The best I’ve known are the ones whose troubles I’d have never known. Yes, bad things happen to good people, but good people refuse to make themselves bad as a result.

It is human nature to sometimes feel miserable. And it shouldn't be human nature to make everyone else feel miserable too.

But that's just me.

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