Common Sense

Fair and Balanced?

Sometimes I wonder: Is there a double standard in the media?

Last week after the first presidential debate, no sooner had the candidates finished speaking than the instant polls were coming in pronouncing Senator Kerry the winner. No matter where I flipped, that's what I heard. And, in all the newspapers the next morning, that's what I read.

Actually, I agreed.

So I was looking forward to the same instant analysis — unscientific, or otherwise — in the vice presidential debate. I couldn't find it… anywhere.

Could it possibly be because it was a much tighter contest or, heaven forbid, Dick Cheney won? Yes, Cheney, the man the media loves to call Darth Vader? Is it possible the nasty guy beat the cute guy?

You'd never know watching the post-debate shows, or reading any of the morning newspapers. Maybe it's because these weren't the top-of-the-ticket guys. Or maybe — just maybe — it's because this wasn't the "desired" media outcome.

Look, I love debates and I think I'm a fairly neutral observer. I think the president lost his. I think the vice president won his.

I'll even concede the first wasn't even close. The second was probably very close. But not a word? Not one crack poll?

It reminds me of the time last March when better than 300,000 jobs were added to the economy and The New York Times reported, "Bond Prices Plummet on Jobs News."

A biased media? No wonder Dick Cheney looks like he's in a bad mood. He has plenty of reason to be.

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