Common Sense

Service With a Smile

Did you ever run across someone so exceptional at what they do that it forces you to take notice?

I was flying back this weekend from a trip. Normally I come to expect the worst on these flights. It doesn't matter whether its first class, or coach. The experience for this frequent traveler, at least, isn't fun. But not this time, not this flight.

Not with this certain flight attendant.

For one thing, she smiled — a lot. Never mind that her airline's having problems. She refused to hint there were any problems.

In an industry with heavy baggage, she refused to treat her customers like they were baggage.

She fussed over them. Laughed with them and yes, bragged to them.

She spoke proudly of being a flight attendant for more than 20 years and of a husband who was a pilot and still another relative an airline employee.

She worried a lot too. One little boy traveling was quite sick, throwing up all over the place. She not only cleaned up after him, but repeatedly kept checking in on him. Eventually, he rallied, thanks to her doting.

She announced on the P.A. system the couple coming back from their honeymoon and the soldier on our flight getting ready to be deployed. She wished the couple a long life and the soldier a safe one.

She kidded about the impossible crossword puzzle in the flight magazine and the very capable pilots in the cabin.

She was, in essence a pro who took pride in doing the little things right.

They say a smile can get you only so far. Leave it to this flight attendant to prove, that smile and a great attitude can take you a lot further.

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