Common Sense

Rest in Peace?

I want you to picture being dead.

You’re in a coffin, being lowered into the ground. And just as they're ready to put the dirt on you, a hand -- out of nowhere -- reaches into the casket to touch you.

Actually it’s trying to take something from you.

You can't fight, because like I said, you're dead. So the hand creeps into your pocket and takes your wallet -- your whole wallet! Yes, just before you're finally put away and done away, away goes whatever you had left from this world.

I'm laying it on to pass on this warning: The government is coming to a casket near you. The death tax that we thought we ended is coming back. And the hand of Uncle Sam is coming back too.

Unless Congress acts to stop it, we'll be seeing it in just a few years.

The estate tax: We thought we killed it. It now looks like the stake in the heart missed the heart. And some liberals couldn't be happier.

They figure, you're dead. You don't need it. The government does. The hell with your family, or heirs.

The hell with Uncle Tom. It's Uncle "Sam" who wants to rifle through your pockets.

Never mind you paid taxes in life. You'll pay them again in death. And you'll pay dearly, on the exact same dough.

I heard a liberal Wednesday night say it's only fair and that only the rich need bother worrying. Well, tell that to small business owners, or farmers. I don't think they think they’re rich.

But what will it matter when they're dead? When we're dead? You can't fight in a casket. That's why I thought I'd grab you now before you are in that casket.

So, while you still have blood in your veins, fight some greedy politicians now who seem to have ice water in theirs.

Then, may you rest in peace.

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