Common Sense

How Quickly the Tide Turns

I remember the oddest things. Maybe because I'm, well, odd.

But in watching Mel Gibson's "The Passion of the Christ," one scene stuck in my mind. As he's dragging his cross through the crowd en route to where he would eventually die, the scene flashes back to only days earlier, when he was greeted as a hero by likely the very same crowd – again, only days before -- what Christians remember as Palm Sunday.

It stuck with me: How quickly the tide had turned. How fickle people were and are.

Things haven't changed. Remember when Jean-Bertrand Aristide was welcomed back a hero in Haiti? Now he's a hated exile from Haiti!

I'm reminded of the time when Martha Stewart could do no wrong, when her very name was associated with quality and unvarnished perfection. Then came that stock deal and the trial.

Or Michael Eisner. There was a time when Roy Disney recruited him, worshiped him, praised him. Now, he and a bunch of others want to dump him.

Or Dennis Kozlowski. There was a time when the old Tyco wunderkind had the world buzzing about new synergies, before expensive umbrella stands and shareholders turned bitter.

They are reminders all that fame is fleeting and notoriety brief. People can turn on you, all the more when what you do is bad. Just ask Dennis, or Michael, or Martha.

And yes, even when all you do is good. Just ask Jesus.

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