Common Sense

Big Smile, Bigger Heart

I've probably mentioned this once, or twice on my show, but I like upbeat people. People who smile and laugh, joke and kid. Which is why I really like a woman named Linda.

I don't know her last name. That's just the name on her nametag. She works in a drug store near my office. And for the life of me, I've never, ever seen her not smile. And believe me, if you work in Manhattan and deal with crowds of people, that's amazing.

No matter how long her line gets at the register, Linda smiles and jokes. She seems to know a lot of the customers, including me. She has nicknames for us.

She calls me "Perfect Hair" because she says it's never out of place. One time she kidded me, wondering if it was a toupee! She told me I should auction it off on e-Bay!

Her co-workers seem to really like her too. When someone can't find something, Linda shouts out exactly what aisle and shelf it's on. She'll even yell out a cheaper alternative.

She carries a small picture of her daughter on her lapel as well. Mention the kid and Linda goes on bragging and laughing about her one-and-only's latest accomplishments. That usually gets others talking about their kids too. Soon these crusty, surly New Yorkers are commiserating like a bunch of gossiping hens.

Linda did that and she smiles about that. To every customer and with every customer. Eyes fixed, smile wide, laugh hearty.

She asks how you're feeling and means it. She remembers the oddest thing and repeats it. She is as welcoming as she is warm. And for the brief moments you're with her, you're moved by her. By her smile, her own self-deprecating, "I'll lose this weight someday" jokes.

I don't know that much about her, save this. In a small, but meaningful way, Linda at the cash register... registers.

I suspect Linda doesn't make a lot of money. But I bet she's richer than anyone on her line.

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