Robert Gottlieb, Chairman of Trident Media

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NEIL CAVUTO, HOST: Well, Jayson Blair is willing to spill his guts, my next guest says a tell-all book could fetch seven figures. He’s the man who discovered Tom Clancy and represents some of the biggest names in the publishing world. Joining me now is Robert Gottlieb, he’s the chairman of Trident Media.

Bob, good to have you.


CAVUTO: Who would pay this guy a million dollars?

GOTTLIEB: Most publishers in New York, if they are not too scared of The New York Times.

CAVUTO: Really?

GOTTLIEB: Absolutely.

CAVUTO: What is he going to get to justify that?

GOTTLIEB: Well, this is a scandal that is quite unique in that he was probably well-known within The New York Times, what this man has been doing for quite some time. And it was an indecision by management to deal with a very bad editorial situation. You don’t get many stories like that out of The New York Times, over the past couple of centuries.

CAVUTO: Yes. But man oh man, is this a great country or what? This guy has a career lying, and fabricating stories whether with acquiescence from management or not, and he profits off it.

GOTTLIEB: Well, it’s up to management to keep an eye on the people that they are editing and hiring.

CAVUTO: But don’t you find it weird that he profits off that regardless of whether management should have kept an eye, that they had a stooge in their midst?

GOTTLIEB: Well, welcome to America, people love a great story. This is a great story.

CAVUTO: Would you pay a million bucks for that?

GOTTLIEB: Absolutely.

CAVUTO: Really, have you offered that?

GOTTLIEB: Not personally because I’m not a publisher. But I would represent him and ask for a million dollars.

CAVUTO: Really, and publishers would pay it?

GOTTLIEB: I believe so.

CAVUTO: Man oh man, I’ll tell you, I’m in the wrong business. Let me get a sense of where this is all going, though. What makes it chilling is the fact you’ve got it connected to The New York Times management or editors or publishers, who knew and acquiesced in the face of one repeated screw-up after another, right? In other words, in order to make this a book that sells, where a publisher wants a book that sells, you’ve got to have a lot of dirt like that, right?

GOTTLIEB: Absolutely. And it’s a great true story, unlike a novel that tells a story about lies and deceit, this is a true story. It’s better than fiction.

CAVUTO: Wow, I’ll tell you what, Bob, I want you representing me on my next book, boy oh boy.

GOTTLIEB: My pleasure.

CAVUTO: Away we go. Robert Gottlieb, thank you very much. What a country, huh?

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