Richard Lessner, Co-Founder of Star Spangled Ice Cream

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NEIL CAVUTO, HOST: You know Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream. Well, now its conservative counterpart is out on the market. It is called Star Spangled Ice Cream, with flavors like: "I Hate the French Vanilla"; "Iraqi Road"; "Nutty Environmentalist" "Smaller GovernMint." But get this, four quarts of this stuff is going to cost $76. Now is it worth it? Richard Lessner says absolutely. He’s one of Star Spangled’s CEO, and a co-founder, joins us now from Washington.

Richard, thanks for coming.

RICHARD LESSNER, CO-FOUNDER, STAR SPANGLED ICE CREAM: A pleasure to be on with you this afternoon, Neil.

CAVUTO: What was your idea for this?

LESSNER: Well, the president of our company, Andy Stein, an attorney that lives up in New Jersey was at the movies one evening with his family. And one of those annoying ads came up on screen, you know, the kind they roll before the movie starts. And it was for Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream. And Andy turned to his wife and said, gee, you know, Ben & Jerry makes a great ice cream, but I can’t support their politics. And I know that some of the money goes to support left-wing causes that I just don’t believe in. So they got to talking about it. He called a friend of his down here in D.C., Frank Cannon, and Frank called me. And the three of us put together a little conspiracy. And the result was Star Spangled Ice Cream, an ice cream with a conservative flavor.

CAVUTO: Now where can you get this stuff?

LESSNER: Well, I’ll tell you, we are three guys who are financing this out of our own pockets. We all have day jobs. And.

CAVUTO: Well, you have got to be three pretty rich guys.

LESSNER: Yes, we wish. But we are not as big as Ben & Jerry’s. They are a bit multinational corporation, of course. We are just three guys trying to start up. We discovered something that you can actually sell ice cream by mail order off the Internet. And we can deliver it overnight, frozen to your home. We have four flavors. You can go to our Web site,, and place an order. And 10 percent of our profits goes to support charities that support our men and women in the armed services.

CAVUTO: Really, so what percentage goes to that?

LESSNER: Ten percent of the profits goes to armed services charities.

CAVUTO: All right. Richard, now, a lot of people, you are right, might not necessarily share Ben & Jerry’s more liberal viewpoints, but they do like the ice cream. And I’ve got to tell you, their Chunky Monkey is all right. So how do you compete with that?

LESSNER: Well, I’ll tell you what, we have got an ice cream that’s a high-end, gourmet ice cream, in the trade it’s called super premium. It’s made by a small boutique, gourmet ice cream maker up in Baltimore. He’s a superb maker of ice cream. We’ve worked with the him and came up with these flavors. We think it is superior to Ben & Jerry’s. We’d challenge anyone to place an order off of the Web site, do a taste test. Look, Ben & Jerry’s makes great ice cream, but they support a lot of left-wing causes that folks out there in Bush country just can’t believe in. And so we thought an ice cream that...

CAVUTO: So you tasted the ice cream yourself, it is very good. Now see, we’re a little ticked off at you here because we didn’t get any free samples. So we don’t know. So the jury is still out. But you are saying that your ice cream is just as good as theirs, better, what?

LESSNER: Oh, we think it is better. We not only wanted to offer a product that’s the equivalent of Ben & Jerry’s, but we wanted to offer something that’s superior. So we welcome any side-by-side taste tests. And I think you’d better talk with your friends in the morning, at FOX & Friends, because we sent some over there.

CAVUTO: Oh, well, sure, you’re playing favorites, you’re playing favorites.


CAVUTO: All right. Yes. Leave the business guys out of it. All right. Richard, thank you very much. We will see how well this goes.

LESSNER: My pleasure.

CAVUTO: Richard Lessner, the Star Spangled Ice Cream founder.

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