Common Sense

Taxing Times

Have you ever heard something that just so ticks you off, you have to respond?

Well, I have.

Some senator -- I don't even remember who – said this whole tax cut was irresponsible.

Irresponsible? To whom? To you? Because you can't spend the money? Or to us, because we can? Why is it reckless to give people their money back, but okay for you to keep it?

Are you saying we're too stupid to know what to do with our money? So you'll decide what we get and when we get it? If we ever get it, because -- truth be told -- you don't want to give it.

You use the war to say we can't afford it. You said the same damn thing before the war for not even offering it.

You were shameless and phony then. You're shameless and phony now.

I'd sooner trust the single mother raising kids, struggling to put food on the table with her money, than "you" with her money.

I'd like you to tell her to her face that she'd be irresponsible with that money.

That it's reckless for her to spend some extra dough on her kids. Reckless for her to put a little extra cash in the bank. And reckless for her to treat herself and not you.

I'd like you to tell her she's too ignorant to know what's best.

I'll tell you this, you tax-sucking, boondoggle-spending, pork-barrel-pushing fiscal pimp: she has more common fiscal sense in her pinky than you have in your entire rolodex of feeding-at-the-trough lobbyists.

I say, let them stew. Let her spend. And before you dare talk about class warfare, consider for once in your life, some class, period. You wouldn't know it. That single mother lives it.

Pay up then, please shut up.

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