Common Sense

Expecting the Unexpected

It's amazing how much our world has changed in just the last few days. Who knew going into this past weekend what we would all be feeling heading out of this past weekend?

A shuttle landing gone horribly wrong. So unexpected, so unusual, but so in keeping with history.

If you think about it, our lives our punctuated not by things we see coming, but by things we do not.

History is decided by events not planned, but unfortunately unplanned. It's our reaction to actions unseen.

Pearl Harbor -- totally unexpected -- got us into World War II.

A stupid political break-in cost Richard Nixon his presidency.

Iraq's attack on Kuwait got us into war.

Time and again our comfort is way to not so comforting jolts.

We live our lives as much reacting to those changes, as hoping things never change in the first place. The death of a mother or father. The passing of a son or daughter. A personal illness. Sometimes seen. Oftentimes not.

It jars and scares us. Our rocks are gone and part of us too.

It's the car crash, or the plane crash, or the shuttle crash that crashes our secure, predictable world.

It's the event we don't see coming that determines where we all are going.

It reminds us of the fragility of life, the unpredictability of life and sometimes, the random, cruel uncertainty of life.

It makes us focus less on tomorrow and more on today. We should be grateful for the moment that we have it, until once again, we forget how easy it is to lose it.

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