Common Sense

Eat the Rich?

Do you hate rich people? I don't. But a lot of people do.

The way I look at it, rich people hire people -- people like me. So pardon me if I choose to give them a nod, rather than a finger.

Rich people also pay a lot of taxes. The top 5 percent of tax payers account for nearly 40 percent of all taxes collected.

But you don't hear that.

What you do hear is this: The rich are greedy pigs who are getting an unfair break.

I don't think class comes with cash. I know just as many poor fools as rich jerks. Money doesn't buy you pedigree -- your parents should have done that.

No, something more sinister is going on here. Attacking those who've succeeded.

Democrats, in particular, are leading a charge against the president's tax cut initiatives because they unfairly benefit the well-to-do.

Now what-to-do with that argument.

These bureaucrats have no problem spending their money, but they sure as hell resent the people who fund their boondoggles from keeping some of their money.

It's not popular to speak out for successful Americans. They're rich enough. True enough. But god knows they pay enough.

No one ever mentions the millionaire who pays half a million in taxes. We only hear about the 10-15,000 he, or she might get back.

No one ever mentions the rags-to-riches business owner who funds the lifestyles of dozens, even hundreds. We only hear about the lifestyle he funds for himself.

No one ever mentions the onerous tax system that we call progressive, but I call pathetic.

No one ever mentions that all the tax talk in the world doesn't hide this simple fact. The rich paid the most before. They'll pay the most after. The rich paid the highest percentage before. And they'll pay the highest percentage after.

I don't expect the rich to get a thank you. But, I certainly don't think they should get a "screw you."

No one said making it in this country was a birthright. But it shouldn't make you a target.

The sin isn't the money the wealthy keep. No, the sin, my friends, is the money the government keeps.

And don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

The rich aren't the problem. The government is.

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