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BRENDA BUTTNER, GUEST HOST: My next guest is not worried at all about consumer spending this holiday season. Holiday sales for, which is the largest online retailer of bags and accessories, climbed 84 percent. Joining us now from Denver, Colorado, with a closer look is Jon Nordmark, he is CEO of

Well, clearly, you are not doing too bad, huh?

JON NORDMARK, EBAGS.COM CEO: No, in the past 13 of 14 days we have grown over a 100 percent year-over-year, with one of those going over 200 percent. So it's a phenomenal holiday.

BUTTNER: You just signed up with Amazon to be part of their apparel unit and you immediately got a jump on that. You're privately held, by the way, but your sales really went up on that news, huh?

NORDMARK: Well, it was a good deal for us. We have many, many business development deals like Amazon. And they represent under 5 percent of our total revenues. So while that was a good kicker, it -you know, we have had many good kickers to be up over a hundred percent.

BUTTNER: Have you had to do things like offer free shipping, and even deeper discounts? and what's that doing to your margins?

NORDMARK: No. We haven't really done any discounting beyond what we'd normally do. We did offer free shipping during some of the time frame for this holiday, post-Thanksgiving. And we do think that was good incentive for people to shop online, but I think more than anything people are coming to us because of convenience, product authority, and just the fact that they trust online shopping better than ever before.

BUTTNER: OK. Well, good luck to you, and happy holidays. Thanks for joining us.

NORDMARK: Thank you.

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