Joe Maloof, Co-Owner of the Sacramento Kings

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NEIL CAVUTO, HOST: The Sacramento Kings basketball team has a lot to cheer about. Last season was the best in the franchise's history. Season ticket sales have jumped to over 14,000. They sell more merchandise than two-thirds of NBA teams. And now, Sports Illustrated is picking the Kings to win the 2003 crown. That is just part of my next guest's empire.

Joining us now, Joe Maloof, the co-owner of the Sacramento Kings, which is, again, part of a sports and entertainment and casino empire that knows no bounds.

In fact, you and your brothers, you're all single.


CAVUTO: You're all billionaires or close to it; right? Life is good.

MALOOF: Life is good. We are in fun businesses, the casino business is a lot of fun as well as, of course, the NBA. We have a lot of fun at it.

CAVUTO: I was amazed, just the short time I've been here in Sacramento, that team is the rage, it is buzz, everyone is saying, this is the year they go all the way. That's a lot of pressure.

MALOOF: There is a lot of pressure. But Neil, these fans deserve it. They have stood by this team for 15 years, when they were worst team in the NBA. And we are lucky enough to have a little success now, and they deserve it. I'm proud for the fans and the city of Sacramento.

CAVUTO: One of their two losses, though, what? to the New York Knicks? And that's the only victory the Knicks have had.

MALOOF: Why did you have to bring that up?

CAVUTO: I don't know, I was just tempted to raise it. Let me ask you, you've got the casino out in Vegas, you've got so many pieces to this empire, what's most important part?

MALOOF: I think the most important part is maintaining your philosophies that we have learned as young children, to take care of your customer, cater to your customer, make sure he is happier than anywhere else with regarding your competition, and then take care of your employees.

CAVUTO: You go an extra step beyond happy? This Skin Club or whatever, it's a nonstop pool party bar, that's the way it's been described. But it's sounds like a guys' guy place; right?

MALOOF: Well, we have a young hip casino that young people enjoy visiting, and it's a lot of fun. I mean, when you come to our casino you're going to see hundreds of celebrities, entertainment world, and the sports world, I mean, they will be all over there.

CAVUTO: Do you or you could have seen, or you or any of your brothers have seen that within just a couple of years you would have amassed something that would be this big in the face of an economy that was this weak?

MALOOF: Not really, you know, we are blessed. And I think we have had some lucky breaks along the way. But we work hard, and we maintain our philosophies of taking care of a customer.

CAVUTO: None of you want to get married, apparently, right?

MALOOF: No. We need to get married.

CAVUTO: Just not now, just not now.

MALOOF: Well, my sister is married and she's having a child in a couple months, so.

CAVUTO: That took the pressure off.

MALOOF: Yes a little bit.

CAVUTO: Joe Maloof, thank you very much, good seeing you, best of luck to Sacramento.

MALOOF: Thank you.

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