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NEIL CAVUTO, HOST: Hard numbers are hard to come by. But this much we do know, ever since the shootings in the D.C. area started three weeks ago, businesses began plummeting there. Mall traffic down. All over store traffic down. Strip mall traffic way down. At gas stations, convenience stores, pretty much all stores… people stopped going out, and started staying home. That doesn't mean they weren't shopping… [just that they were doing it] from the safety of their personal computer, and if some early statistics are right, from a site called Its chief executive joins me now from Seattle. Jeff Bezos out with better than expected numbers today.

Jeff, I know it is hard for you to tell, but anecdotally in that region it looked like traffic was heavy for you guys.

JEFF BEZOS, CHMN. & CEO, AMAZON.COM (AMZN): Very hard to know. We actually saw very strong growth all over the country, and in fact, all over the world. So I think the things that are really driving that growth are great selection, and most important, the biggest change we've made in the last 15 months [which is] much lower prices. We just instituted free shipping on orders over $25. It's very, very expensive for the company, but obviously customers love it. It is our $25 super saver shipping offer. And we have just decided to extend that through the holidays so people will be able to get free shipping on orders over $25. And that hurdle is now low enough.

CAVUTO: But Jeff, did something seminally change though where people were saying, look, I don't have to bother going out to a mall, that there were risks before, now its just more convenient at home?

BEZOS: I don't think so. You still have to go out to get your groceries, to get your car filled with gas. I think people are careful. But Ill tell you… the way that we are going to build our business is by being totally focused on the customer experience. And people should be shopping at not because they are afraid of anything but because they want to save money, save time and be able to find anything they are looking for. That is what we are focused on.

CAVUTO: All right. Jeff Bezos… thank you very much, sir, I appreciate it. Jeff Bezos.

BEZOS: My pleasure, thanks for having me, Neil.


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