Common Sense

Lest We Forget

Do you know what I'm afraid of now? September 12 -- the day after the big anniversary. When the cameras go, the features stop and the headlines disappear.

It worries me.

I worry about us getting too comfortable again. Too content again. Too forgetful again.

It bothers me not because I like to think of horrible images, but because I don't like to think about forgetting those images. Or what they mean about us and about what we must do.

As painful as all this is -- and I know this sounds crazy -- we need to keep it painful. Keep it troubling. Keep it difficult.

Keep remembering David Alger, my friend and frequent guest on this show. Remember his face, and remember how one of the finest investment minds was wiped out that day.

Keep remembering Bill Meehan, one of the folksiest nicest market strategists I've ever known, who left this planet way too early all because some crazy terrorists had some cockamamie agenda.

Well, you know what, I think we should have an agenda.

To remember David and Bill. To remember them struggling for dear life in those burning, collapsing towers. Only to perish, with other friends, other acquaintances and other guests on this show.

To remember the victims on those four planes and at the Pentagon.

I know it's painful for us and even more so for their families. But we owe it to those families and to their children -- and our children -- never to see this happen again, by never forgetting what happened last September 11 even when it's the 12th.

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