Common Sense

With Friends Like These...

Is it me, or should all of us in the United States be feeling a little like Custer right now? Surrounded? Alienated? And very much a target?

I mean on attacking Iraq, we can't dig up a pal to save our lives. France is against it. Germany constantly ridicules it. And even Canada has said, as things stand now, they can't go along with it.

And just when you're ready to say, "I've had it," comes this.

European trade officials are slapping more than $4 billion in sanctions against the U.S. I won't bore you with the details. They're just playing tough on trade, not so coincidentally, about the same time they're playing tough on war. "Our" war, they say, not theirs.

It got me thinking. What if it was the Eiffel Tower that terrorists had hit? Or the Frankfurt Stock Exchange? Would it still be just "our" war? I doubt it.

What amazes me most since this great war on terror is this great lack of foreign resolve to attack it. It's as if it happened decades ago, not less than a year ago. The world merrily marches on and relegates the U.S. to an annoying, self-absorbed after-thought.

It'd be one thing to ignore us, but they go so far as to attack us and our economy, when truth be known, it's been our economy that has saved their sorry, rickety boats.

I can't explain it, but I don't like it.

We have a hell of enough of a difficult time dealing with the enemies we know we have, let alone the friends we thought we had.

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