Common Sense

Fair and Balanced

This whole fuss over "fair and balanced" got me thinking. A lot of people have a whole lot of problems with it. Giving two sides to a story. Equal weight. Equal measure. Equal importance.

I know it sounds like I'm bragging about the place I work, but that's what I love about the place I work. We give you both sides: a bull with a bear, a Republican with a Democrat, an optimist with a pessimist.

Some of you read into that what you will. I've been savaged as a right-wing nut. And just yesterday, a liberal scumbag, who should drop dead. I guess that means I'm doing my job.

But what's more perplexing are the mainstream media guys, who like to think this "fair and balanced" talk is just that -- talk. Believe me, it is not. But here's what is, this ridiculous notion that it's a cover -- or as one journalist put it, a "cloakscreen for conservatism."

The way I see it, you have two choices today: Get your news with all views, or get your news with one view. Get your news believing all CEOs are crooks, or get your news covering the nine or so who are being investigated as crooks, and the 9,000 who are not.

Get your news believing all companies are failing, or get your news reporting more than seven out of 10 companies are not.

Get your news thinking all stocks stink, or get your news hearing, actually most do not.

Get your news hearing a liberal blasting everything corporate, or get your news hearing that liberal and the corporate guy he's bashing.

Some in the media love to dish it out. Few in the media can take it. I can live with the slings and arrows. If the rest of my media colleagues can live with themselves.

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