Common Sense

Practice What You Preach

Did you ever see something so incredible, your jaw drops and you just shake your head?

I'm at this big powwow the other night with some equally big corporate CEOs and some big journalists. I'm not here to name names and pick on people, but one guy really wowed me.

He sells himself as a folksy anchor in touch with the little guy. Yet when several little guys approached him for an autograph, he brushed them off. He couldn't have been more rude, or more condescending. He was, quite frankly, a jerk. No, I'll go one better, he was a pompous ass.

I kept thinking to myself, if your fans only knew.

You say you care for them, but don't even bother reaching out to them.

You say you feel their pain, but can't pain yourself to sign a high school girl's autograph book.

Look, we all get busy and in this business, we can all get a little full of ourselves.

But I'm always reminded of my dad's time-worn line, "Neil, stay humble. In your case, it'll come in handy."

I hope the day never comes that I ever forget those words.

Success can make good men, fools. But good men -- and women -- can make success fun. They live it. Breathe it. Enjoy it. But above all, they share it.

The good ones -- and there are many, by the way -- choose not to see the world as their stage, but themselves as players on that stage.

Being successful isn't a horrible thing. Forgetting what -- and who got you there -- is the worst thing.

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