Neil was joined by Jim Rogers, president of; Gregg Hymowitz, founder of Entrust Capital; Joe Battipaglia, CIO of Ryan, Beck & Co.; and Alexandra Lebenthal, president and CEO of Lebenthal & Co.

More for Your Money: Is the Worst Over?

Another truly awful week for stocks, but is this as bad as it gets?

Joe says the market's nagging problem is if corporate earnings will pick up again. Joe says he would invest in small & regional banks right now, because of their growth potential.

But Jim says it's not just about earnings. We had a massive stock market mania in the late 1990's and it takes a long time to clean out a bubble. He would buy S&P 500 "Spiders" (SPY) because he thinks the market is oversold right now.

Gregg says it's better to invest in specific stocks that are oversold than the overall market. One stock he thinks is priced right is MBNA Corp. (KRB).

Alexandra says more CEOs need to make strong statements about cleaning up their business and industry. She says one CEO doing that is Sandy Weill of Citigroup (C).

Bad Message?

Is the messenger killing the market? Headlines like "Investors Run Scared!," "Dirty Books, CEO Crooks!" and "Terror Strikes Wall Street!" all help sell newspapers, but are they also causing investors to sell stocks?

Jim says investors should do their own research and nobody should sell or buy stocks based only on what they read in the papers or see on TV. Jim would sell Fannie Mae (FNM) because he believes bad news will come out about its accounting practices.

Alexandra says the media has played an enormous role over the past 10 years in turning investing into popular culture. She thinks Martha Stewart (MSO) stock has been oversold and is a good buy right now.

Gregg says media and investors are guilty of creating market hype. As a long term investment (3-6 years), he would buy PG&E Corp. (PCG).

Joe says HMOs, biotech's and generic drug makers have been beaten down and are good buys right now.

Head to Head: Dirty Money?

Big companies like Reebok shelling out big bucks to bad boys like Allen Iverson to hawk their goods. Neil says sponsors should divorce themselves from Iverson, but Michael Paul, President of MGP & Associates says the most important thing to sponsors is that Iverson is still bringing in big sales.

FOX on the Spot

Gregg says investors regain confidence after CEOs certify numbers!

Alexandra predicts the stock market remains volatile as more companies reveal more bad numbers!

Jim says political chaos in Turkey creates buying opportunity!

Joe thinks the Dow and S&P 500 will rebound 20% before the year is over!

Neil says we're witnessing capitulation and that's a sign the markets are due for a turn!