Cavuto on Business

Recap of July 13: Prison Before Profits?

Neil Cavuto was joined by Jim Rogers, President of; Charles Payne, CEO of Wall Street Strategies; Mike Norman, Publisher of the Economic Contrarian Update; and John Kasich, host of FNC's Heroes and former Republican Presidential Candidate.

More for Your Money: Prison Before Profits?

Last week we heard tough talk against corporate crime by President Bush and a lot of lawmakers, but that was not enough to prevent another tough week on Wall Street. Stocks had their worst week since the post 9/11 selloff! Do we need less talk and more action like throwing corporate crooks behind bars before investors start buying stocks again?

All of Neil's guests agree investor confidence would be boosted by seeing corrupt executives go to jail. They also agree investors need to see the economy and earnings rebound before they start buying stocks again. John says one speech about corporate crime by President Bush is not enough to settle the markets down after a recession, major terrorist attack and concerns about corporate fraud.

Neil also asked his guests if any of the stocks that have been hammered due to worries about accounting practices are good buys now. Jim says to stay away from any stocks with accounting issues. Charles agrees, but says if an investor feels like gambling then they may want to consider ImClone (IMCL) or Qwest (Q). Mike also says stay away, but if you are looking for a speculative play, then consider Enron (ENRNQ) or Tyco (TYC). Both Charles and Mike emphasize that investors in these companies could lose everything.

Fall-Proof Stocks

Two-and-a-half trillion dollars! That's how much investors have lost this year alone. What should you do if it doesn't stop there?

Mike thinks we are in a climate of intense fear. He's been shorting the dollar and thinks energy companies like Marathon Oil (MRO) may be a good buy in this down market.
Jim is leary of buying stocks in this environment and recommends putting your money in Natural Resources like orange juice or rice. Charles says investors should hedge their investments during down markets. He recommends learning how to short stocks and recommends shorting Expedia (EXPE).

Head to Head: The Color of Money

Michael Jackson is accusing the music industry of racism! Neil Cavuto says it's all about the color of money, not about the color of his skin. Flo Anthony, Editor of Black Elegance Magazine, says race is an issue in the music industry. She questions how the industry compensates black artists.

FOX on the Spot

Charles says the Dow drops to 8,177, then bounces back 10%!

Mike says the USA will lose its "AAA" credit rating!

Jim says Bolivia will elect a free market president, invest now!

John says you corporate boardrooms will become more independent.

Neil says more companies that are cooking their books come clean!

Neil says Congress could roil the stock market by trying to clean up corporate boardrooms!