Senator Jon Kyl, R-Ariz.

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NEIL CAVUTO, HOST: Firefighters are struggling to stop a massive wildfire in Arizona. The area is a remote mountain town named Show Low. They've managed to slow the flames, but are afraid things could pick up again, without notice.

Just how out of control are these fires?

Arizona Senator Jon Kyl says his state needs help right now. Senator Kyl joins us live. Senator, thank you for coming.

SEN. JON KYL, R-ARIZ.: Thank you, Neil.

CAVUTO: What are we talking about damage done so far to your fine state?

KYL: Well, first of all, it is the biggest tragedy ever to hit our state. As a matter of fact, somebody from out of state was asked what he could compare this to. He thought for a moment, and finally he said, well, I have seen one worse: Mt. St. Helens.

And when the lead-in to the program said that Show Low was a remote mountain town, it is not so remote. It's a large town that a lot of people go to. I would ordinarily be participating in the 4th of July parade in Show Low, as a matter of fact. And during the summertime, a lot of Arizonans go this beautiful part of our state which has now been devastated by this fire.

CAVUTO: Senator, it wasn't too long ago that Montana, both the governor there and both senators there had been requesting drought relief. I am not even sure, sir, if they got it. Would you be looking for some sort of financial emergency relief for your state?

KYL: Well, obviously, there is going to have to be a great deal of restoration work done after this fire is put out. And those people whose homes have been burned and need assistance from the government will get it. But what we are asking for is just exactly what the governor of Arizona was talking about, and that is for the radical environmentalists to step aside so that the forest service can clean up these forests.

You see what happens when they catch on fire. You can't allow fire in the forests now because of all of this accumulation of fuel. That is to say the very small-diameter trees, the brush and a lot of the down timber. That all has to be cleaned out so that you restore the forests to the way they were 100 years ago. We had big, beautiful trees and a lot of grass in between. And when the fire comes, as it naturally occurs, it just burns along the ground and kind of looks at the base of the trees, but it doesn't crown out like you have seen on the film there. That's what needs to happen. And the radical environmentalists need to stop contesting the forest service when it tries to accomplish this.

CAVUTO: All right. Finally, Senator, I would like to try to get a handle on the tourism issue for your state. You are one of the best promoters of your state that I know.

KYL: Well, it's our No. 1 industry.

CAVUTO: I bet. And now, you have got these fires. I am wondering whether you have been able to put dollar to losses yet?

KYL: Not yet, Neil. It is going to be tremendously devastating. A lot of the tourism comes to the areas like Phoenix and Tucson during the winter, so it is not that big of a problem. But all of those of us in Arizona know what happens when the temperatures rise in Tucson and Phoenix, we head for the mountains. That is where our summer cabin is. It is not too far from this area.

And so, it devastates the economy of these smaller communities that rely upon tourism because, I might say, the timber industry that used to exist has been put out of business by the environmentalists. That goes right back to the same point we were making before. We have got to get in and clean up those forests so that they will be around for everybody to enjoy in the future.

CAVUTO: Senator Jon Kyl, we appreciate it. Best of luck with all of this.

KYL: Thanks, Neil. Thank you.

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