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Recap of June 22: Fear & Greed Are Good?

Neil was joined John Bogle, founder of the Vanguard Funds; Jim Rogers, president of; Alexandra Lebenthal, CEO of Lebenthal & Co. and Bob Sellers, anchor of FOX News Live.

Fear & Greed Good for Stocks?

This past week, the major stock indexes fell for the fifth week in a row over more worries about terror and corrupt CEOs. But can all the fear and greed actually be good for stocks in the long run?

John Bogle says yes because stocks prices are finally getting more reasonable. He says now may be a good time to buy mutual funds that track the market indexes, but he would not invest in individual stocks because he thinks picking stocks is a loser's game.

Jim Rogers says the sell off over fear and greed is helping because it is cleaning up crooked CEOs and brokers. He hopes more of them go to jail to show investors that Wall Street is serious about protecting investors. Jim thinks the market needs to see panic selling before it rebounds. He likes likes Japan Market iShares (EWJ) right now.

Bob Sellers thinks there needs to be changes in the boardroom. Until then, the average investor won't come back into the markets with both hands.

Alexandra Lebenthal says the market is still vulnerable and investors are waiting for the other shoe to drop. She likes the Goldman Sachs Internet Tollkeeper Fund (GITAX).

More for Your Money: Stocks vs. Funds

Are investors better off buying stocks or a stock mutual fund?

Jim says buying stocks is always better than buying mutual funds, "if know what you are doing." If you do want to invest in a mutual fund, he likes natural resources. His Raw Materials Index is up 14 percent year-to-date.

Alexandra likes investing in mutual funds, because it takes the pressure off of picking the right stock at the right time. She likes the Enterprise Deep Value Fund (EDVAX).

John Bogle says buy an all market index fund at almost zero cost and you will be better off. He suggests the Vanguard Total Stock Market Index Fund (VTSMX).

Head to Head: Attack Iraq Rally?

Saddam Hussein; lots of talk about taking him down but so far very little action. Neil says the sooner we do it the better and that the stock market will soar as Saddam falls. But Bill Wolman, contributing editor at BusinessWeek magazine and author of The Great 401(k) Hoax says war in any form is bad for the U.S. market and economy.

Fox on the Spot

Alexandra says the Merck spinoff, MedcoHealth, gets the cold shoulder from investors!

Bob says stockholders will speak up to control boards of directors and limit their ability to pay themselves ridiculous amounts of money!

John Bogle says Congress will finally enact a tough accounting bill!

Jim says Martha Stewart's stock trading mess will get even messier.

Neil says this Martha Stewart investigation will amount to nothing!