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Recap of June 15: Dirty Bombs and Books

Neil was joined by Michelle Girard, senior vice president and Treasury market analyst at Prudential Financial; Charles Payne, CEO of Wall Street Strategies; Tom Dorsey, president at Dorsey, Wright & Associates; and Joe Piscopo, comedian and co-founder of Avellino Productions.

Dirty Bombs and Books

What rattles your faith more — dirty bombs or dirty deals?

Joe Piscopo says Americans know no-fear, but when you mess with someone's 401k like what happened with Enron, that's really inexcusable.

Charles says we're not as afraid of dirty bombs than we are with the financial structure of corporate America. “Safe and clean stocks” he likes are LifePoint Hospital (LPNT) and Retek, Inc. (RETK).

Tom says as far as risk management is concerned, investors can manage the risk of an individual stocks, but when it comes to the overall market, if something happens with a dirty bomb, all stocks can go down. He likes Vishay Intertechnology (VSH) and RadioShack (RSH).

Michelle Girard recommends protecting your money from dirty bombs by diversifying between stocks and bonds. She likes and owns General Electric (GE) and says the stock is priced right and that the company has been unfairly judged over its accounting practices.

More For Your Money: Real Find$

Most people say they're losing money in this market. But according to Morningstar, 3831 U.S. stocks are up so far this year, while 3048 are down and 72 are unchanged. So, are investors they just buying the wrong stocks?

Tom says investors are buying the wrong stocks and that they should stop waiting for tech shares to rebound. He also says since August 2000 mid cap and small cap stocks have turned up, suggesting you should overweight those stocks. He likes Cheesecake Factory (CAKE) and Apollo Group (APOL), which he owns.

Charles says investors need to learn more about the market and use "stop losses" and other techniques to limit their losses. He likes Calpine Corp (CPN) and Mercury Interactive (MERQ).

Michelle says bonds and treasury notes are good buys even with an improving economy. She likes “TIPS” Treasury Inflation Protected Securities which can be purchased from the Treasury Department at or by calling 1-800-722-2678.

Head to Head: Housing Collapse?

Home isn't only where the heart is, it's also where the profits are: home prices are up 30 percent in the past five years. But Rob Stein, the Managing Director of Astor Asset Management and author of the new book Inside Greenpan's Briefcase, says the home market and prices are in a bubble that is about to burst because of oversupply and a weakening economy. Neil says he completely disagrees, because their are no signs of wide spread over-building and that since 9/11 investors are putting more money in their homes rather than stocks.

FOX on the SPOT

Charles says Microsoft (MSFT) lifts the Nasdaq, and the Nasdaq will hit 1700 this summer!

Tom says investor confidence bottoms out, but the market may not have bottomed out!

Michelle says the dollar weakens more and that could hurt stocks & bonds!

Joe says Shaquille O'Neal gets homesick and leaves LA Lakers for NJ Nets!

Neil says Democrats will fail in their attempt to try and steal the agenda from President Bush.