Common Sense

With Friends Like These

May I ask you a personal question?

How many friends do you have? I mean real friends. Friends who'll be there for you through thick and thin.

My mother used to say if you can claim two or three such friends by the end of your days, your days have been good. Because the fact is, good friends aren't always good friends in bad times.

And doesn't Martha Stewart know it.

The diva of decorating is now the hostess with halitosis. No one wants to be near her. Democrats who had earlier talked up a fund raising event with her, are now sending their regrets to her.

Same in the Hamptons, where once she was a princess, Martha is now a pariah.

And all because of suspicions she might have sold some ImClone stock on inside info. All unproven so far, but it hasn't stopped friends from moving very far from Martha.

Where are her friends?

The ones who glommed on to her when she was hot, her company stock was hotter and her decorating books and TV shows the absolute hottest?

Mike Tyson knows the feeling. When he was king of the boxing world, he had a lot of hangers-on. And he was good to them. Who can forget stories of him handing out Bentleys to a dozen of them one day.

But Mike fell on hard times and his buddies scattered.

Same with Joe Nacchio, the man who ran Qwest communications, now out of Qwest communications. The man everyone wanted to deal with, now no one wants to bother with.

None of these individuals is a saint. And maybe each is getting just desserts.

But it's got to be hard. Sometimes you almost get to believe the press clippings, the fans and the notoriety. And all those people who tell you're all so much.

Then, you're not so much. And they're not so friendly.

And you're left to wonder, "Where have all my friends gone?"

And you ask yourself, "Where did I go wrong?"

I'll tell you where, believing they were ever your friends in the first place.

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